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Valdone is an energizing and goal oriented coach and she inspires her customers to start their own trip to reach their goals and live a balanced life.
She is a careful listener, friendly and knows how to ask the right questions.
It was pleasure to work with her.



Valdone embodies the loving leadership. She brings her joy, positivism, energy in everything she does. She is always looking to go the extra mile to give the best experience to the participants of her retreats, as well as inspire and empower others.



I have joint Valdone’s organized retreat in Zermatt last year during the beautiful Fall season. Just to give a few words about Valdone from my personal experience, so I can confirm that she is Full of Energy and Joy to explore and discover new places in the nature. However, most importantly to share it with the othersIt was a blessing time in terms of the location that Valdone picked up for the group to discover. I would even say, one of the best and breathtaking locations in the area. Moreover, she had many activities planned for us such as yoga after a long hiking day (that was perfect!) or food art while involving the group in the food preparation. She is constantly expanding her experieces and learning new things while incorporating them in her retreats. I highly recommend Valdone and her services, it will definitely be a memorable and enriching experience.



Being a coach myself, i know that first of all the energy of the caoch and coachee should match. Valdone has exactly that energy which matched mine at the first site. I felt at ease during the whole session and not a single second i had the feeling that we have just met online for the first time. The whole session was built so smooth and easy going that it could easily take few hours. Thank you, Valdone for your time and for being such a nice soul with an amazing charisma.


Middle Aged Woman

Valdone is a lively, encouraging and engaging coach. I appreciated her sincere questions, gentle curiosity and holistic approach to the coaching relationship. She had a lot to offer in terms of support in my projects. I can recommend her.


Elegant Female

I had a great session with Valdone, we instantly found a connection and it was very easy for me to open up and talk about my insecurities and difficulties I’m going through atm.
Some points of the session gave me clarity about my goals and what I can do to improve my life,because of the right questions being asked.
Valdone has a great energy, very bright, kind and understanding, I really enjoyed our talk.


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